entri utk mama

Assalamualaikum n hye! Today is the lovely day for my mum which is she celebrated her 50th birthday. For her birthday, i wanna make some speech even i speechless actually, hehe. But readers, please take note that who is mum that we had, she is the best! N she try the do the best among the best. Byk sgt nihh pkataan best but its true, she is the best in all the way! =)

  •  First of all, i wanna wish u happy birthday ummi, may God blessing u   and  u will have a great life ever!
  • 2nd, i know i am not the best daughter, sometimes i make u cry but, i hope u know dat i really dont mean it! =((
  • U are my best friend, my best teacher, my best advisor also my best enemy. Hu? Kwn gadoh2 saye laa kdg2, eheee. 
  • I hope 1 day, u will see ur kids success n married happily ever after. Pray for ur kids. Ouhh i dont need to ask dat, u will say dat ur job! U're really amazing.!!
  • Tq tq n tq for raising me up, am i do m best for the daughter task? Am i ummi? I dont think so. =((
  • Lastly, u must to know dat, eventough sometimes we're different idea n opinion n so many different in other things too, watever it is I LOVE U !!

So, wat do u think about ur mom? She is the best, dont she? 

 She is beautiful even she is 50 now! love!

Terimakaseh kerana sudi membaca, xoxo


hana nabilah said…
duedue santekkk =)) my makngah!!
Nurfatin Liyana said…
tengs lahh, heeeeeee =))
Ummi Hanie said…
hepi besday aunty,,, ;)
Nurfatin Liyana said…
eheeee, tq kak ummi. =)

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