hepy besday to HIM n HER..

Hye n assalamualaikum! I just wanna wish a happy birthday to HIM, which is org ini just be my history now. Ouhh ouhh, i wish here je ehh. May God blessing u and happy always with ur beloved family that u build by yourself! Bgge tawww, kwn i dahh ade anak, comel! =)

Sorg lagi, to HER. My friends name anis. Happy besday darlinggg, moge cepat taww kawen ngn abg ulis uh. Same spt di atas, i just wishing heree. Jgn brani brani tye aku knp, aku cabot laju2 rambut korg karangg.. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY on 23rd November 2010. Have a blast! Bravoooooo!

pic-google. Motif-saje je. ;P.

Taken from : cik ausz. Eheee. Sbb dak due2 nih umur 21 :))


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