i LOVE u .

     Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera.

What else i can say about LOVE?

I think i am the luckier woman.

I got the man that every woman dream for.

Thank you Allah for give me the best friend and the best love for me.

What else i want to ask?

Can You make our love will be forever? Until the last of our breath? InsyaAllah.

We just plan it, and You decide everything.

Once again, thank you Allah. And please, forgive our sin because we want to life together,



for u my endless love. and of course, for my lovely readers too ! dont let me fall, will ya? ;)

p/s : iloveu my readerS ! mucho gracias. muahhh ! ;))

Terimakaseh kerana sudi membaca, xoxo


nub said…
untuk readers naa... baguih2..
Nurfatin Liyana said…
bagus kan kan kan kan? huhuu
Anonymous said…
Have a nice day, teman saya!

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